Goldberg & Weinstein, LLC was born out of a long-term relationship between Marvin Goldberg and Fred Weinstein. Marvin was the first attorney to bring legal television advertising to the Philadelphia area through his well-known television commercials telling people to Dial Legal-10.

After diligently working with Marvin for over 20 years, they formed Goldberg & Weinstein, LLC in 2009.  They joined forces because of Marvin’s creativity and forward-thinking initiatives, and Fred’s knowledge, drive, and determination, both having the passion and commitment to fight for their clients.

The business was off to a great start, when sadly, Marvin was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after his diagnosis.  Fred kept the name of the business the same to honor his Partner and Friend, ensuring his name and memory will always be kept alive… gone, but not forgotten.

People will always be our number one priority. Your case is important to you, and we need you to know your case and you are important to us.  If you were referred to us, then you already know this to be true.  You will come to learn that we are true to our word.  We will fight for every dollar you are entitled to, and you will know that YOU matter.

Goldberg & Weinstein, LLC has grown and continues to work hard for our clients. The success the law firm has experienced has also enabled Goldberg & Weinstein, LLC to pave the way forward by working for the underprivileged and in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The law firm’s strong work ethic has earned Goldberg & Weinstein, LLC a stellar reputation within the legal community enabling us to grow from strength to strength, maintaining the highest level of professionalism and dedication to you, our clients.


We don’t need the glory. We aim to impact people’s lives for the better. At the end of our lives let us be spent, no regrets about what we could have or should have done. Our legacy is worth nothing unless it is built on the foundation of truth and justice for all.